Weed Grinders

What is a grinder?

weed in a grinderIf you want to create a ground down weed, from your thick sticky buds, then using a grinder to break the buds down to a nice powdered consistency that makes for easy rolling in joints, or to burn better in a bong or pipe.

There are a huge range of grinders on the market, and although many of them are cheap, there are only a few grinders that are really worth owning. The cheap grinders that you get from local shops, are generally made of a very low-grade plastic that is not always strong enough to break the thick buds easily. This means you can be left with plastic fragments inside your weed. Avoid this type of grinder, and instead go with one of the grinders we review below.

Space Case Grinder

If you like to own the very best in technology, then the Space Case will be right up your street. It’s specifically marketed as the worlds only Aircraft Titanium grinder. It comes in 2 varieties, a silver, and a black, and both have a nice titanium metal finish.

space case grinderThe top compartment is made with a magnetised metal finish, which locks together strongly as you are grinding your weed. This is great, and allows you to get the very best from the grinder, knowing that it’s working, and grinding the way it was designed too.

There are 3 sizes available for the space case. Perfect depending on how much or a weed smoker you are, or how big you like to grind your buds. There is small medium, and large, and the medium and small are the ones that will best fit in your pocket, while the large is perfect if you’re a stay at home grinder. The large will happily grind up even the largest of colas.

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After you finish grinding, and open the Space Case up, the first thing you will notice is that all the kief will be collected in the bottom compartment, and the screen that separates the kief is built into the grinder during the manufacturing process, so it is tight and strong, and will give you superior kief to other grinders.

To teeth of the Space Case will grind up even thick and wet buds. It’s easily usable if you need a strong grinder for kitchen use too. The teeth are diamond shaped and cut with precision, allowing them to interlock and move between each other, grinding up even the toughest of colas.

There is lots of space in this grinder, so after you grind, you can be sure you will save time instead of grinding more than once for what would be a good measurement for a blunt or joint. The Space Case is specifically made in the USA, so you can expect the top quality design, and manufacturing process, resulting in what could very easily be the best grinding experience possible.

Cali Crusher Grinder

cali crusher grinderThe most popular grinder on the market, although about the same price as the Space Case, the Cali Crusher really stands out with the variety of colors that are available on the market. There are more than 10 colors, including blue, red, pink, and black. So customization with this grinder is easy. If you buy more than one, you can interchange the parts and get a multicolored grinder.

The metal that is used for the Cali Crusher is aerospace grade aluminium, and is given an external bead blast. This means that the metal will not scratch easily, and retains it’s always new look. Perfect if you like grinder bling. Even if you keep your grinder in the same pocket as your house keys, you won’t see a scratch.

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The Cali Crusher is available in 3 different size versions. There is the large king size 4 piece grinder that is perfect for home grinding. It gives you enough space to fit even large sticky colas in it, and grind them up easily. If you need something for quick and easy grinds, then the small size will be perfect for you. Although it’s only 2 compartments, it will still give you the top quality grind you expect, just without the kief catcher facility.

The Crusher has groove and cut teeth that mean it will demolish anything you throw at it. It uses special neodymium earth magnets to give you a tightly closed grind, so nothing will accidentally spill out. One of the most impressive things about the Cali Crusher is the lifetime guarantee that is given by the manufacturers. If any of the teeth break off (highly unlikely) they will give you are replacement if you return it. You can’t really ask for more from a grinder, so check it out.

Chromium Crusher Grinder

chromium crusher grinderThe Chromium Crusher is a grinder that although doesn’t have the same quality of metal as the Space Case or the Cali Crusher, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an equally capable grinder. For one thing, it’s a cheaper grinder compared to the other 2, so if you are on a budget, you might prefer this grinder. The metal used in this grinder is a heavy-duty zinc alloy type, and this give is a nice shiny finish, and is strong and durable for any kind of herb you might try with it.

The top compartment of this grinder is magnetised, so there is no chance of it coming apart as you grind. You get a powerful grinding and cutting ability from the diamond-shaped teeth, and this means that even sticky colas will be sliced and diced with ease. To get the best from your grind, it’s recommended that as you twist the grinder, you also turn it upside down and back again. This ensures you get a good flow of movement and the most optimum grind as possible.

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You can also grind up your tobacco leaves with this grinder, as well as your weed. If you want to take this grinder into your kitchen and use it for any cooking herbs, then it will stand up to those too. Just be careful not to mix it in with your joint.

The keif screen for this grinder is attached strongly, so you can ensure that all your good kief will be collected down in the bottom compartment of the grinder. There is a neat little scraper to help you clean and scrape out the kief from the screen too. Giving you the best opportunity for an excellent smoke session.

Overall the Chromium Crusher is a great budget grinder if you still want the very best features and capacity, and can’t quite afford the more expensive grinders. There are different sizes available, with 2″ being the smallest and 3″ being the largest, so you can pick which one is best for you. The 3″ one has one of the biggest grinder chambers on the market.